Technical drawings

All drawings are supplied as A3 size prints, which is sufficient to enable the dimensions and detail to be seen. Please note that the quality of the drawings is limited by the quality of the original microfilm photography from which these drawings were derived.

There is no minimum order or minimum charge. Prints should be ordered from Trevor Thompson (Hon. Drawings Master) – address in the Yearbook under T10 Calista. Please pay by cheque or postal order made payable to the AOA. If in doubt about which drawings to buy, please contact Trevor by phone or email.

Price of Printed Drawings




One drawing only




Each drawing when 10 or more are ordered




Prints will usually be supplied by return of post unless ordered in the middle of the sailing season when delays due to sailing activity may intrude!

Please ask if you wish to receive drawings as PDF attachments, in which case deduct £1.00 from the UK price.

Click below to view individual drawing catalogues:

Atalanta 26

Atalanta 31



Type 1 Rudder

Type 2 Rudder

Type 3 Rudder

Keel Hoist

Keel Mounting Structure

Keel Box Seals

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