Membership of the AOA is open to all owners of Fairey Marine Atalanta, Titania, Fulmar and Fisherman boats, and provides the funds needed to keep the organisation going. Besides providing members with the benefits below, this includes promoting the boats so they maintain their value.

If you don't own one of these boats, Associate Membership is available to anyone with an interest in them.

As an AOA Member you will receive:

  • Annual Bulletin with articles of interest such as restoration techniques, useful additions and modifications to the boats, and accounts of members' voyages

  • The Yearbook with details of the known ownership of all the boats and a list of members

  • Membership of the AOA website where you can upload photos, maintain your blog, and ask questions on the Forum

  • Newsletters with reports on recent events and updates on forthcoming activities

  • Reduced prices for drawings, publications and parts

  • Extensive practical help and advice from other members

  • By submitting articles for the Bulletin, you may compete for annual trophies for the best log, most adventurous voyage, best technical article and best Atalanta photo.

New members can join any any time, and membership renewals are due by 31st December each year. Membership for 2016 is currently £22 for UK residents, £24 if you live in Europe, and £26 for other countries. UK members paying by Standing Order (see form below) may pay the special rate of £20. Members outside UK who pay by Standing Order (or PayPal recurring payments) may also pay £20 providing you receive all documents by email.

To join the AOA please download the Membership_form.pdf (PDF - you may require Adobe Acrobat Reader) and send it with your payment to the address shown on the form. Several methods of payment are available:

  • If you have a UK bank account, we encourage you to pay your annual subscriptions using this Standing_order_form.pdf (PDF). Payments may also be made by direct transfer to the AOA Bank Account (shown on the Membership form).

  • If you have a PayPal account please send your payment to <>

  • Alternatively you can pay with a debit or credit card using the button below:



Where do you live and how do you want to receive bulletins?

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