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A-102 East Coast sailing

Well I have to say this "it is certainly different than sailing the med, or even the south coast".

Mostly the water moves and reveals heavy objects like cardinals and the earth...

Last weekend I managed to get out to the Waltern Backwaters and stayed at anchor at the bottom of Kirby Creek.  It is a lovely location and plenty of room down near the landing.  Lots of wildlife, with the sounds of birds and I did see a seal jump out of the water. 

However on the way there I…


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A169 Kerry Piper - out of the shed!

Last week (of August), after several postponements due to inclement weather, KP's scaffold shed was dismantled. The scaffolding has been reconfigured to provide a higher lift on the winched slings ready for the undersides epoxy / cloth sheathing. One of the benefits of the Rye boatyard is that a houseboat resident here is an expert in the process of the epoxy cloth laying-up. The mast rebuild is still pending - in the photo sequence  the mast is under cover along…


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Portsmouth Bound Prt 5 (Update)

Made a cheeky visit to Brother Jack as it was my wifes birthday last week and she wanted dinner at Rick Steins'.... (Its a Malay thing)...

We gave the engine a run and the cabin a good airing. After about an hour I wondered why the exhaust wasnt splurting so much, so opened the engine bay only to find it half full of water!!

Well I killed the engine and then started to pump for my life to empty it before any serious damage to the engine.

The culprit was my own heavy…


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Portsmouth Bound Prt 5

So progress so far we have been running on motor since 11pm the previous night with a short 2 hour interlude the follwing day. We are making good headway at 6-7 knots with the tide running out as turn across Milford Haven harbour…


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Portsmouth Bound Prt 4

So after the false start first time round, myself and another 2 others set sail from Aberystwyth in the dead of night (11pm to be precise).…


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Italian / Croatian adventure

Its a pretty well worn path for Titania / Atalanta owners but its certainly a big adventure for us, family crew of five, including George 6, below, Jemima 10 and Freddie 9.  With lots of great advice  from Trevor, we trailed and launched off in San Giorgio di Nogaro in northern Italy and are now in Pula, with amazing amphitheatre, and on to the first islands south tomorrow.  We got caught out in a nasty squall with gusts of late 30 knts but, although white knuckle, Achates looked after us…


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Portsmouth Bound Prt 3

Hi All

Sorry its been a while since I updated but suffice to say we have made progress to N Devon but since then progressed has stalled due to work commitments. Anyway here is the update from Aberystwyth to Padstow (but ended up going nowhere).

So we left Aberystwyth early evening with a view to making Ramsey sound by the 11am the next morning. By the way the marina is lovely at Aberystwyth if you are passing John and Mike are a cracking couple of guys there. …


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The madness has paid off

Firstly I would like to introduce myself to the members of AOA.  My name is Simon and I am the proud new owner of yacht Solone.

Back in May I began negotiations to buy an Atalanta Solone, some of you may have seen her advertised here on the AOA for sale page.  Well I did what everyone tells you not to do , purchased her in full without even seeing her. Its not the first time I have done this and I can honestly say its payed off for me on both occasions. 



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Portsmouth Bound Prt 2

So during our trip around Anglesey was quite uneventful although we did witness an amazing sunset in the Irish Sea.

The progress was slow going around Bardsey as we hit the tides wrong and the winds come onto our nose. Anyway we eventually turned Bardsey Island and entered into Aberporth Gunnery Range…


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Portsmouth Bound 2017 Part 1

So we arrived on a blowy Saturday morning to set off from Castletown with a view to reaching at least the North Coast of Somerset/Devon. This was slightly ambitious in hindsight now we have completed the sailing. The winds were in our favour on the Thursday and Friday when we checked. By the Saturday Lunchtime a storm warning for south Irish sea was in place and the winds were turning southerly from the favourable north. So a quick review of the plan and we decided that the East coast of…


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Salizanda blog update

I have just finished updating the Salizanda blog following her successful re-launching and I have posted the link here.

I would be very pleased if members would look at it and tell me what they think.I would also be very happy to try to answer any questions you might have

Cheers Peter

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Happy New Year

Best wishes from A87 in NZ to all member for 2017!!

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A166 Hullabaloo for sale on eBay

Here is the URL NB: Auction started at .99p!

She looks pretty tidy - lying Portland.

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Suffolk Yacht Harbour - Mary maintenance

In my previous blog I spoke of bringing Mary home because the maintenance backlog was exceeding holiday expectations.  Well that kind of thing.  So now Mary is in Suffolk Yacht Harbour under her lovely cover with the expectation that I address the backlog, so lets crack on...

The bubble is fine due to my efforts in Bosa..…


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Ready for winter storage

So it with great pleasure that I have taken on an Atalanta Titania (T4). I am still looking into the history of her and previous owners and names (Gellie,Katya and currently Brother Jack). It is with great thanks to a fellow club member that she is still in sea worthy condition. Keith spent about 4 years getting her up together after she spent much time sitting on the harbour wall in Castletown Harbour IOM. So with much reluctance Keith has passed ownership to myself. He has been a great…


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Bringing Mary Home - Non abbastanza vacanze

I am going to need your help here.  It has become evident that I should bring Mary home.

When I visited on the 20th June (2016) you could see this view from Pisa marina.  It is very beautiful there and I regret not sailing back around the south of France or making it down to Naples.  I am just finding it hard…


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Boat cover for Mary

As you will know from Nicks posts I have had a cover made for Mary.  As described by the Pisa Marina owner 'she is beautiful'.

It fits remarkably well considering it was measured up on Helene.  But certainly does the job of covering up the boat. …


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Southampton Boat Show - AOA Member's offer






 TELEPHONE BOOKING: 0844 776 7766

Terms and conditions below:

Tickets are valid ANY DAY including Preview Day on Friday 16th September.

Tickets can be booked up to MIDDAY on the FINAL DAY of the show – Sunday 25th September.…


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Deck repairs complete

There has been progress - the decks are repaired, filled and primed.

Added by nick runeckles on April 2, 2016 at 12:16 — 2 Comments

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