So during our trip around Anglesey was quite uneventful although we did witness an amazing sunset in the Irish Sea.

The progress was slow going around Bardsey as we hit the tides wrong and the winds come onto our nose. Anyway we eventually turned Bardsey Island and entered into Aberporth Gunnery Range in the very early hours. At about 7am we got the call from the range control that one of the targets was coming live in 3 hours. So another course change and a dash for the edge of the 13 mile exclusion zone then ensued!

Anyway the welsh coast came into sight. 

So we made it to Aberystwyth after 36 hours of sailing from leaving Castletown.

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Comment by murray reid on May 19, 2017 at 21:54

Great to see! look forward to further updates..

Fair winds.

Murray. A87

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